About Me

@pineapple_koko is her social media alias, but in real life her friends and family call her Jasmine.  Jasmine is a single-mother of two, a non-traditional college student, yoga enthusiast, vegan,  and a self-love mentor living in Atlanta, GA.

Jasmine decided to start this blog to share her lifestyle with other women like her who seem like Plain Janes via social media, but are actually pretty dope in real life.  Most of what you’ll read here is just an extension of her Instagram account which is more like a mini-blog.

As this blog grows, she will continue to add updates on her different perspectives of life (some deep thoughts…some for a good laugh), vegan recipes, parenting tips, and more.  Disclaimer: MORE does not include fashion.  Jasmine currently dresses like a cartoon character choosing to wear the same shirt and pants every day.  She’s like the black version of Patty Mayonnaise.  If you don’t know who that is, you’re too young for this blog.

Jasmine is actually writing this in the third person and feels really weird about it so come back to this page in a couple of weeks and maybe this will be updated with more interesting facts about her…I mean me…I mean her.