It was after the last argument between my daughter’s father and I on July 16 of last year when I finally told myself “ENOUGH!”  I freed him of all responsibility relating to his daughter including the daycare tuition he faithfully sent to me for over a year.  I refused to tolerate him all together  for the sake of keeping a father in my daughter’s life.  She deserved better and so did I.

All of my girlfriends were against my decision.  They wanted me to put him on child support, but I knew that meant seeing him in court and dealing with his manipulation of my psyche.  The man made me feel like shit to simply put it.  From the day I found out I was pregnant, we argued back and forth about everything.  In the beginning it was always about my refusal of his offer for an abortion and after her birth we argued because he wouldn’t introduce his mother to his daughter.   I would apologize when I clearly didn’t do anything wrong except get upset with how he neglected our daughter.  I contemplated suicide on several occasions and unsuccessfully attempted suicide while pregnant and after my pregnancy.  All for a man who is narcissistic, selfish, and  cold.

No, never will I ever again allow ANYONE to make me feel like I wasn’t enough.

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